Virtual Terminal Payment Gateway
Pre-Authorized Bank Drafts - Paper or ACH/EFT
Point of Sale - Electronic Check Conversion/Acceptance
Low Cost Credit/Debit Card Services
Payment Kiosk
Electronic Checks by Phone, FAX, or Internet
Check 21/ARC - Accounts Receivable Check Conversion
Electronic NSF Check Recovery and Guarantee
Phone Checks
Online Payments - Checks and Credit Cards






C&A Solutions, LLC

Electronic & Automated Payment Solutions for Retail & e-commerce

With years of experience helping all types of businesses improve their money-management methods,   C&A Solutions, LLC guides you quickly through the mind-boggling array of electronic tools available today. By using established and credible resources, you can save time and money, improve cash flow, improve accuracy, accountability and audit ability, gain access to data and reports, enhance employee productivity, reduce risks, and distinguish your business from the competition. You can accept payments over the Internet or over the phone; you can get your money into your bank account sooner (without a trip to the bank).

The more convenient payment options that you offer to your customers, the more revenue generated for your business. C&A Solutions, LLC will help you determine the best payment solutions for your business to best match your business rules.

C&A Solutions, LLC provides a full suite of electronic payment solutions, specifically designed to meet the needs of your business. Large and small businesses will discover immediate benefits from these services. Click on the links to learn more about each service.

  C&A Solutions, LLC
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The CASHLINQ Group, a registered ISO/MSP with HSBC Bank USA, National Association, Buffalo, NY and in association with Bank of America, N.A.
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